Web Hosting Hub Review

Web Hosting Hub is by far one of the best candidates when it comes to low cost small and medium business hosting. Not only are their prices affordable and competitive, but they offer a full range of marketing services that could help your businesses online success. Web Hosting Hub uses some of the leading technologies and scripts to power their backend, such as the control panels and servers. As the client, you will get direct access to the most commonly used content management systems, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and osCommerce. All these services will be built right into your control panel, which would allow you to get started with a click of a button.


With large hosting companies today, we can now assume that they would offer unmetered hosting services. Likewise, with Web Hosting Hub, you will receive unlimited hosting resources, a free domain name; free site builder, cPanel control panel, Webmail and full security scan features. Options such as email accounts, ftp accounts, email forwarders, add-on domains supported and parked domains will be fully unmetered.


Web Hosting Hub offers its hosting services from a state of the art data center with 99.9% uptime. With the highest quality brand name equipment, all servers, routers and hubs are of optimal performance. Your websites will be in safe hands, especially knowing that they offer a free backup solution that runs scheduled backups every night. With a dedicated backup solution, you never have to worry about losing your website data due to minor or major issues. All servers are monitored by in-house server administrators, so there is very little risk of a security issue. Regardless, server monitors will always be ready.


We all know how important it is for a web hosting company to have an adequate support system. At Web Hosting Hub, you will be dealing with professional support staff members who know how to handle any issue you can throw at them. With an award winning customer support service, you will not be disappointed with customer support. If you don’t want to reach the support line in person, you can always choose to email them through their support ticket system. Response times are low, which tells you that there is always someone on the other end of the line.


Currently, Web Hosting Hub is offering the best deal in the market, with a rock bottom price of only $3.99 per month. The regular price on their standard web hosting plan is $6.99, but this special Web Hosting Hub offer is going to make webmasters go crazy. I personally have just picked up another account at this price and I locked in my savings for three years. At such a low price, you are getting hundred of dollars in marketing credits and bonuses. When you are given so much at such a low price, how can you even miss the opportunity to stack up on a hosting account? If you know for a fact that you will be maintaining a site for the next few years, why not save your money and get a decent hosting account with Web Hosting Hub?

Learn How to Make Partnerships Work

partnersMy take on a partnership is this: If you have no other choice but to enter into a partnership, be very careful, do not make assumptions and there must be mutual respect and trust amongst the partners.

There is never a shortage of stories relating to failed partnerships because of one reason or another. The best of pals suddenly become the worst of enemies, all because of issues arising from the business. Sometimes, these issues are so petty that you wonder what went into these people’s minds.

At times, it is the evil of greed that results in partnership failures. Business is good and you suddenly think, why do I want to share all the money the business is making with someone when I can have it all to myself? Does this sound familiar to you? Here is a true story for you.

An accountant friend of mine started his accountancy practice as a partner. He did very well, bringing in many new clients and additional business for the partnership. His partner got greedy and wanted to buy over his share (my friend’s). Rather than making the offer professionally, he resorted to dirty tactics to get my friend into trouble, hoping that this will force him to resign from the partnership.

My friend, fortunately, was not a green horn in this sort of game. He preempted what was coming and bailed out in time. He started his own practice and of course, brought along all his clients from the partnership. All’s well that ends well. In this case, there was a happy ending (for my friend, at least).

When two or more people get together to work towards a common objective, there must be mutual respect and tolerance for each other. The moment one tries to play leader, the partnership is potentially headed toward disaster. Unless, of course, the other party (or parties) does not mind the ‘unofficial’ leader taking the lead. Rare are such occasions though. The age-old Asian issue of ‘face’ rears its ugly head, what else?

Even if you trust your partner, be prudent and practical-minded enough to put all agreements, no matter how minute or trivial you may think they are, in print. When disputes occur, and Murphy’s Law (‘if something can go wrong it will’) applies here, bring the documents out on the table and let the signed agreements prevail.

Partnerships are good if the partners have strengths and areas for improvements that complement each other. Be extremely tolerant of each other, otherwise everyone will end up as losers.

Two sets of partners that have complemented each other well come to mind easily. William Hewlett and David Packard of HP fame and Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft International. Corporate history could have been different had they not crossed path with each other. On their respective own, they may not have succeeded the way they have as partners.

The crucial point about successful partnerships is not finding people that are like you. Conversely, you should look for potential partners who can complement you by being strong in the areas you are weak in.

Tips To Get More Facebook Likes

All types of businesses, online or offline have jumped on to Facebook as an online marketing vehicle by creating their official business Facebook pages to promote themselves. After creating a Facebook page, it is advisable to learn some ways of attracting more people to like it. Your question will be “how?” Follow the tips below to get more Facebook likes.

Run A Contest Or Competition: Everyone enjoys a good contest, especially if you include incentives to reward participants.

Link Your Twitter Account: Link your Facebook page with your Twitter account, so that your Facebook posts will be posted as Tweets to your followers on Twitter. Twitter will shorten your posts and provide a link tracing your posts to your Facebook page. This increases the possibility of your Twitter followers liking your Facebook page too.

Connect to Your Offline Activities: Discuss your fan page with your offline connections stating its benefits to those you meet and also include your URL on your promotional and marketing materials.

Run a Facebook Ad: Buy advertisement space on Facebook and promote your page to get more likes. Also integrate the Facebook Social Plugin on your blog/website to bring your visitors to like your Facebook page too.

wwwOther ways you can use to get more Facebook likes include:


Leverage your existing networks.

Buy Google advertisements or other PPC ads and drive traffic to the Facebook fan page.

Write guest posts on other pages to get a back link from those pages to your own.

Like “like” minded pages.

Include links to the Facebook page on your email signature and even embed it on your forum signature.

With these tips you will definitely be able to increase the number of Facebook likes you have.

Things You Should Know About Web Hosting

Whether you are selling products or providing services, having a website is always necessary these days. While the big players in their respective industry make it a point to put up an almost perfectly designed website. Smaller and home based business owners should also aim at having a good online presence with a website that Internet users can reach.

And as soon as the thought of having a website sets in, they should also have at least some basic information about web hosting. This is what will lead them to having the right website that will suit their business needs.

Overview on web hosting

To enlighten those who have yet to understand what web hosting is, it would be best to at least go over the basic yet important information. Web hosting is a type of service that individuals or companies use for putting their website on the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies providing this kind of service to their clients.

Web hosts provide different kinds of web hosting services to tailor fit their client’s needs. Every web hosting plan comes with a control panel that will allow them to manage their web hosting account. The most basic that small businesses can use is webpage and file hosting on a small scale. With this basic service, the uploading of files can be done through a web interface or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). On the other hand, bigger companies can utilize a more multifaceted web hosting service that includes support for databases or features that allow website visitors to write messages, like in forums.

Considering that more and more people these days are turning to the Internet when searching for information, buying a product or service, etc., web hosting services are also becoming more sought after by different individuals and companies. There’s an increasing availability of different web hosting service providers that are always eager to serve their clients. Competition among web hosting firms has grown tremendously over the years. In order to compete with other web hosting firms a lot of web hosts have discounts and promotions that will reduce the price that you have to pay for your hosting plan.  As long as a person or business takes some time and effort in choosing the right provider, they should be on their way to having a website that will contribute to their overall business growth.